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Predictor Game - Rules

1. Participation

The participation in the Predictor Game is free of any charge.

To be able to participate in the Predictor Game, you have to register with FIBA Europe e.V., Ismaninger Str. 21, 81675 Munich, Germany ("FIBA Europe"). FIBA Europe will store and process the following personal data of you:

  • Username
  • Password
  • First name (given name)
  • Last name (family name)
  • Date of birth
  • Email address
  • Gender
  • Country of Residence

You may only create one user profile.

You explicitly agree to FIBA Europe storing and processing the above mentioned personal data for the purposes of the Predictor Game. FIBA Europe will not use your personal data for any other purposes.

Access to the Predictor Game is strictly limited to persons who are more than 18 years old.

Employees of FIBA Europe may participate in the Predictor Game but are not eligible to win prizes.

FIBA Europe reserves the right to exclude you from the Predictor Game by deleting your account at any time, in particular if you make false declarations upon registration for the Predictor Game, if you manipulate or attempt to manipulate the Predictor Game or if you violate these rules in any other way. Should you be excluded from the Predictor Game you will not be entitled to win any prizes.

By checking the box "Send me email notifications" you agree to receive an email from FIBA Europe with the result of the matches on which you made predictions on any day and other emails directly related to the Predictor Game. By checking the box "Send me FIBA Europe newsletters" FIBA Europe will send you newsletters issued by FIBA Europe from time to time. FIBA Europe will send the email(s) to the address indicated upon registration. You may change your email addresses by accessing your profile. You may also unsubscribe from these emails by un-checking the respective boxes in your profile.

You may delete your entire profile at any time by choosing this option in your profile. If you decide to delete your entire profile, your results will be deleted immediately and you will lose your chance to win any prize.

2. Predictions

If you want to participate in the Predictor Game you may place a prediction for each of the following categories for a match that is part of the Predictor Game:

  • Winning team;
  • Margin by which the winning team won the match;
  • Top scorer of each team (that is the player who scored the most points in each team);
  • Leader in rebounds for the game (that is the player from both teams who had the most rebounds);
  • Leader in assists for the game (that is the player from both teams who had the most assists).

You may make a prediction for each match in all of the above categories or only in some of the above categories.

You may only make one prediction per match. Your prediction must be made by 10 minutes before the tip-off of each match local time at the place of the match. Your predictions may be changed at any but in no event later than 10 minutes before the tip-off or each match local time at the place of the match.

3. Scoring

You will be awarded a certain number of points for each match, depending on:

  • The category(ies) in which you made a prediction,
  • The accuracy of your predictions and
  • The number of persons who made accurate predictions in any given category.

FIBA Europe will calculate the odds for each match and each category depending on the predictions made by each participant. The fewer participants will have made a certain prediction the higher the odds for this particular prediction will be. The current odds for a certain match, a certain category and a certain prediction will always be shown next to the prediction you make. The odds will be constantly changed and updated until predicitions for a certain match cannot be changed any further by a participant.

FIBA Europe will award the following number of basic points for a correct prediction:

  • Correct winner of the game: 15 points (in case of a tie no points will be awarded in this category);
  • Correct winning margin if the winner was predicted correctly: 3 points (will not be awarded in case of a tie or if the winner was not predicted correctly);
  • Correct top scorer: 2 points;
  • Correct leader in rebounds: 1 point;
  • Correct leader in assists: 1 point.

The number of basic points will be multiplied by the final odds for each prediction after the end of each match to determine the number of points that will be awarded to you in each category in which you made a prediction. If two or more players should have the same number of scores, rebounds or assists, this number of points will be further divided by that number of players to determine the calculated number of points to be awarded to you in a particular category.

The calculated number of points will be further rounded up or down commercially to the next full figure.

The following table shall give you an example for each category for predictions made for a match Spain vs. Serbia:

Category Your Prediction Result Calculation
Winner Spain (odds 1.25) Spain 15 x 1.25 = 18.75 points; rounded to 19 points
Winning margin 6-10 points (odds: 2.33) 85-63 0 points (wrong prediction)
Top scorer Spain Pau Gasol (odds 1.8) Pau Gasol 2 x 1.8 = 3.6 points; rounded to 4 points
Top scorer Serbia Uros Tripkovic (odds 3.2) Tripkovic and Velickovic both with 15 points each 2 x 3.2 / 2 = 3.2 points; rounded to 3 points
Leader in rebounds Nenad Krstic (odds 4.7) Pau Gasol 0 points (wrong prediction)
Leader in assists Ricky Rubio (odds 3.5) Garbajosa 0 points (wrong prediction)
    Total points scored 26 points

FIBA Europe will publish your predictions after the end of each match; every other player will be able to see your predictions for any particular match. FIBA Europe will further publish a "Country ranking" that will show the added results from participants from a particular country of residence. The Country Ranking is without influence for the winning of the Predictor Game.

4. Winning

The points awarded for each match in which you made a prediction in at least one category will be added to the points awarded to you for other matches of the same category (such as a particular competition) as further indicated on the website.

If you have the highest number of points at the end of the playing season of a particular competition you will be declared the winner of that competition and will be awarded the prize for the winner. Should one or more persons have the same number of points in a particular competition FIBA Europe will draw lots to determine the winner and/or the following places for each competition. The same principles shall apply to determine the second to fifth place of each competition.

If you won a prize, FIBA Europe will contact you by email at the email address that you provided in your profile and will request your address to ship the prize to you. The prize will be forfeited, should you fail to provide correct shipment details within four (4) weeks from the date on which FIBA Europe sent the email to you.

Any other way of determining the winner of a prize in the Predictor Game shall be excluded.

5. Prizes

Prizes will vary for each competition. Further details can be found on the "Prizes" section on the Predictor Game website under each competition separately.

6. Miscellaneous

The Predictor Game Rules shall be governed by the substantive provisions of German law.

FIBA Europe does not assume any liability for the availability of the Predictor Game or the FIBA Europe website. You shall have no claim whatsoever against FIBA Europe if you are unable to access the website at any particular point in time.

FIBA Europe further reserves the right to stop and to abandon the Predictor Game at any time and in such a case FIBA Europe shall not be liable to give away any of the prizes indicated in these rules.

FIBA Europe reserves the right to change the Predictor Game Rules from time to time in accordance with the law. You will be requested upon sign-in to approve the amended Predictor Game Rules. Should you decide not to accept the amended Predictor Game Rules, you will be excluded from the Predictor Game and your account will be deleted.

FIBA Europe makes no representation that material on the website is appropriate or available for use in jurisdictions other than the Federal Republic of Germany. Those users who choose to access the Website from other locations do so at their own risk and are responsible for compliance with local laws and regulations.