New Beginning For Courageous Kovacevic

21 November 2013


4. Natasa Kovacevic (Serbia)
"People often ask me where I get the power from, but in fact nothing has changed" - Natasa Kovacevic

Natasa Kovacevic has spoken of a new beginning after being the guest of honour at a friendly game held by Crvena Zvezda to mark the Gyor tragedy which occurred during September of this year.

Crvena Zvezda and HAT-AGRO Uni Gyor came together with Kovacevic, who had her leg amputated after the road accident, eager to convey a message of hope and the marking of a new chapter for those involved.

She insisted, "This was not a game for me; this was a game in honour of sports, especially women's sports and the education it provides for us.

"This was also a match to commemorate the tragedy and to honour PeterTabodi, Akos Fuzy and their families," as well as being "a game that did not mark the end, but a new beginning. It should remind us how lucky we are for what we have.

"People often ask me where I get the power from, but in fact nothing has changed," continued the teenager.

"Only the rules of the game called life are different. The strength is where it has been before. It's in my mother, my father, my brother and my friends, most of whom I met on the court.

"My message from today's event is simple: Do sports! It doesn't matter whether amateur or professional sports.

"The point is that you will come out of it much stronger than you were when you started."

Kovacevic was preparing for her inaugural EuroLeague Women season and her first outside of her homeland when the fatal incident occurred, having previously played for Crvena Zvezda either side of three seasons with Vozdovac.

The game was attended by Crvena Zvezda Club President Nebojsa Covic and head coach of the men's team, Dejan Radonjic, as well as several players.


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