Natalia Vieru (Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje)

Natalia Vieru

Nationality: RUS
Born : 25.07.1989
Place of birth: Chisinau (MDA)
Height: 1.96m
Position: C

10.9Points per game
9.1Rebounds per game
1.1Assists per game

Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje




  • » Ranks #2 in Blocked Shots (1.9)
  • » Ranks #2 in Offensive Rebounds (3.6)
  • » Ranks #11 in Field Goal Percentage (49.0%)
  • » Ranks #12 in Defensive Rebounds (5.6)
  • » Ranks #16 in 2 Pts Field Goal Percentage (49.0%)
  • » Ranks #3 in Double-Doubles (6)
  • » Ranks #6 in Total Rebounds (9.1)
  • » Ranks #19 in 2 Pts Field Goals Made (4.4)
Natalia Vieru - EuroBasket Women 2013 Profile

Team 2012-13: Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje (Russia-Premier League)

Career: Dynamo 2 Kursk (Russia-Superleague B, 2006-07), Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje (Russia-Premier LeagueL, 2007-11), Good Angels Kosice (Slovak-Republic-Extraliga, 2011-12), Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje (Russia-Premier League, 2012-13)

One of the main reasons to get excited about the future of the Russian frontcourt is the steady progress of Natalia Vieru who is beginning to impress more and more for both club and country. If she plays in France this summer, it will be her first appearance at EuroBasket Women, having debuted at the FIBA World Championship in 2010 and then at the Olympics last summer, but missing out in Poland two years ago. She enjoyed a superb youth career for Russia and having been loaned out by Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje in Kosice, the player returned last year and has had a very good club season domestically and in Euroleague Women where she finished with a shot percentage only a shade under an impressive 60%. Still maturing and with her post game evolving nicely, Vieru is a strong player who is also a good shot blocker and at 23, is no longer an exciting prospect but rather a sleeping giant ready to explode at this level.


vs ZVVZ USK Prague (L 47-57)350/50.00/50.00/00.00/00.047111602110
vs Galatasaray odeabank (L 63-50)316/1154.56/1154.50/00.02/2100.0461011300414
vs CCC Polkowice (W 67-55)162/450.02/450.00/00.03/475.01560102427
vs Kibirkstis-Vici Vilnius (W 55-68)222/1020.02/1020.00/00.02/2100.05051221226
vs Perfumerias Avenida (W 67-56)305/1241.75/1241.70/00.02/2100.053811133212
vs WBC Novi Zagreb (W 64-68)254/757.14/757.10/00.04/4100.022412305512
vs ZVVZ USK Prague (W 66-67)354/850.04/850.00/00.00/00.028101102008
vs Galatasaray odeabank (W 73-59)348/1361.58/1361.50/00.02/366.723522233418
vs CCC Polkowice (L 65-56)336/1250.06/1250.00/00.02/540.0581302132814
vs Kibirkstis-Vici Vilnius (W 97-56)307/1163.67/1163.60/00.03/3100.0571202241217
vs Perfumerias Avenida (W 59-66)276/1060.06/1060.00/00.00/00.027901025212
vs WBC Novi Zagreb (W 71-46)00/00.00/00.00/00.00/00.00000000000
vs UE Sopron (W 81-43)217/977.87/977.80/00.04/4100.0371010251218
vs UE Sopron (W 54-69)323/933.33/933.30/00.05/683.3691510222411
vs Galatasaray odeabank (L 61-68)366/1154.56/1154.50/00.01/250.0571261003213
vs Kayseri Kaski spor (W 48-55)332/450.02/450.00/00.02/450.02571412346
vs Fenerbahce (L 58-57)373/933.33/933.30/00.00/00.04591110226
CategorySeason highCareer high
Points182 times28 - U20 European Championship Women 2009
17.07.2009 vs Germany
Total Rebounds1514.03.2014 vs. UE Sopron15 - 3 times
Assists607.04.2014 vs. Galatasaray odeabank6 - EuroLeague Women 2014
07.04.2014 vs Galatasaray odeabank
Steals32 times3 - 3 times
Blocked Shots511.03.2014 vs. UE Sopron6 - U18 European Championship Women 2006
30.07.2006 vs Germany
Minutes3709.04.2014 vs. Fenerbahce37 - EuroLeague Women 2014
09.04.2014 vs Fenerbahce
Field Goals Made829.01.2014 vs. Galatasaray odeabank10 - 2 times
Field Goals Attempted1329.01.2014 vs. Galatasaray odeabank17 - 3 times
2 Pts Field Goals Made829.01.2014 vs. Galatasaray odeabank10 - 2 times
2 Pts Field Goals Attempted1329.01.2014 vs. Galatasaray odeabank17 - 3 times
3 Pts Field Goals Made  
3 Pts Field Goals Attempted 1 - U18 European Championship Women 2006
26.07.2006 vs Belarus
Free Throws Made514.03.2014 vs. UE Sopron9 - U18 European Championship Women 2007
01.07.2007 vs France
Free Throws Attempted614.03.2014 vs. UE Sopron12 - U18 European Championship Women 2007
01.07.2007 vs France
Offensive Rebounds614.03.2014 vs. UE Sopron11 - U18 European Championship Women 2007
29.06.2007 vs Lithuania
Defensive Rebounds914.03.2014 vs. UE Sopron9 - 4 times



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