Rivas Sign Schumacher, Harris To Schio

20 June 2013


Pro beach volleyball player Kelly Schumacher is to make a return to basketball and re-ignite her relationship with Jose Hernandez, whilst Famila Schio have replaced prize asset Jantel Lavender with Amber Harris.


Kelly Schumacher (Dynamo)
Kelly Schumacher is back to tying her laces again rather than taking off her flip-flops before games

Jose Hernandez and Rivas Ecopolis have decided to fill their second American spot with one of the most intriguing acquisitions of the summer, after managing to get beach volleyball star Kelly Schumacher to tread the boards again.

Whilst she hasn't played the game during recent seasons, the club have confirmed the 35 year old is in terrific physical shape and ready to lace up her game shoes, as she contemplates a season in EuroLeague Women.

The center knows Liga Femenina well, having previous played for arch rivals, Perfumerias Avenida, as well as UB Barcelona and Josipa Burgos.

There will also be a reunion, since Schumacher was crowned MVP of the Liga Femenina Finals with Salamanca when Jose Hernandez was in the hot-seat at Wurzburg Arena.

She also has extensive experience in the WNBA, where she has twice landed the Championship having graduated from the prestigious University of Connecticut.



Recently crowned Italian champions and EuroLeague Women Final participants Famila Schio have found a successor to Jantel Lavender, their most influential player last season.

Tasked with trying to fill the void is center Amber Harris, who has been playing in South Korea but will return to European soil having previously played both in Israel and Turkey.

Last season, she foraged 22 points and 11.8 rebounds per game in the Korean league and she is currently playing in the WNBA with Minnesota Lynx.

"It's been a very daunting task to find a replacement for Lavender" explained Paolo De Angelis, General Director of Schio.

"A lot of videos have been viewed for many players. The choice has fallen on Harris to realise her full potential.

"She has a great physique, good shooting ability and notable presence in the paint."

He added, "I am convinced that the fans will enjoy themselves Schio seeing her play. "


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