Points Per Game

Jantel Lavender

Wisla Can-Pack
Born : 12.11.1988
Place of birth: Cleveland, OH (USA)

Height: 1.90
Games: 14
Position: C

Avg 20.3

1. Lavender, J. Wisla Can-Pack1428420.3
2. Murphy, E. Perfumerias Avenida1425718.4
3. Dubljevic, J. ZVVZ USK Prague1627417.1
4. Bonner, D. Nadezhda Orenburg1728716.9
5. Zellous, S. Galatasaray odeabank1930916.3
6. Hawkins, T. UE Sopron1422516.1
7. Taurasi, D. UMMC Ekaterinburg1421015.0
8. Parker, C. UMMC Ekaterinburg1521814.5
9. Petrovic, S. Sparta&K M.R. Vidnoje1724514.4
10. McCoughtry, A. Fenerbahce1927314.4
11. Vandersloot, C. Beretta Famila1318514.2
12. Robert, G. Lattes Montpellier1216914.1
13. Nicholls , L. Rivas Ecopolis1521014.0
14. Macchi, L. Beretta Famila1318113.9
15. Dabovic, M. WBC Novi Zagreb1115213.8
16. Sanders, L. Kayseri Kaski spor1622013.8
17. Torrens, A. Galatasaray odeabank1723313.7
18. Lyttle, S. Galatasaray odeabank1419113.6
19. Quigley, A. Wisla Can-Pack1419113.6
20. Tinkle, J. HAT-AGRO Uni Györ1013613.6
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.