Quotes WBC Novi Zagreb vs. Galatasaray


Galatasaray head coach Ekrem Memnum
"I was afraid of this game because Novi Zagreb is not the same team like last year. In Prague they played very well. In the first half we made a lot of mistakes. But, in the second half we started very good. It looks like an easy game, but it wasn't. I'm very happy with this win."

Novi Zagreb head coach Vladimir Ivanković
"We played relatively good offence in the first half. But, we had a problem with guarding Zellous and Torrens. In the second half we tried to be more aggressive, but we made so many mistakes. At the end they found a third player, Yilmas and all our efforts became hopeless."

Novi Zagreb player Iva Ciglar
"It was a good first half for us. In the second half they suprised as with zone defence which we didn't prepare for. We know how good their players are. We made a lot of mistakes and they punished us every time."