Quotes: CCC Polkowice vs. Galatasaray odeabank


CCC Polkowice Head Coach Jacek Winnicki
"I congratulate Galatasaray. There is nothing to discuss, because we lost this game very strongly. We tried to fight, but with the exception of the first 15 minutes, we did little. Unfortunately, due to health, Belinda Snell was not able to play, and later the injury suffered by Janel McCarville meant she could not continue the game. We fought, and it was a good chance for other players, but in this match in every element of the game the team from Istanbul was better."

CCC Polkowice Player Valeriya Musina
"I congratulate the team of Galatasaray. I hope the next game will be better. Today our defeat was decided by absenteeism of our leading competitors, which contributed to the weakening of our offensive play. I wish good luck to Galatasaray for their subsequent meetings."

Galatasaray odeabank Head Coach Ekrem Memnun
"I am very happy that we won, but we did not play the best basketball. This was for us a very important game, because in the second part of the group stage we lost three games and still we have been fighting for the best possible position before the play-off stage. It was a very important victory for us."

Galatasaray odeabank Player Sancho Lyttle
"Every game is important, but that one was particularly important for us, after we had lost three games this year. We needed this victory to remain among the teams that will play in the next round of EuroLeague Women.



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