Quotes: ZVVK USK Prague vs. CCC Polkowice


ZVVZ USK Prague Coach Natália Hejkova
"We are very happy about the result because the match was really difficult. Polkowice needed to win to get a better ranking. In the beginning of the game they played like winners but in the second quarter we only let them score four points. Our defence decided the game."

CCC Polkowice Head Coach Jacek Winnicki
"We opened the game very well but in the second quarter we couldn´t get over their defence. Congratulations to Prague."

CCC Polkowice Player Valeriya Musina
"I think the game was very good for Prague. It was a very aggressive game, they were better on defence. There was so much pressure on us. We were well prepared, we came here to win the game but they were better today."

ZVVZ USK Prague Player Laia Palau
"46 points is very good, it indicates that our defence was good. All the games should be like this - team defence. Wins at home are the most important."


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