Quotes: ZVVZ USK Prague vs. Sparta&K MR Vidnoje


ZVVZ USK Prague Head Coach Natalia Hejkova
"The last 10 days were really difficult for us, especially for our short players. I am sad we lost a home game and that we lost it by the smallest difference possible."

Sparta&K MR Vidnoje Head Coach Alexander Vasin
"We are so happy to win here. We knew it wouldn´t be easy but we did it. I am very satisfied with my young players, fighting during the whole game. Congratulations to them."

Sparta&K MR Vidnoje Player Sonja Petrovic
"It is a great victory for us, of course. We came here to give everything and to win but we knew Prague was currently the best team in our group, they are playing great. So for us it is a great victory and a very good experience for our young team."

ZVVZ USK Prague Player Katerina Elhotova
"We let them begin with very easy shots and then we were still trying to catch their score. They played with ease, we didn´t. We had to work very hard for every single shot."


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