Quotes UE Sopron vs. BK Imos Brno


UE Sopron head coach Igor Polenek
"We started the game very soft. Later we found our rhytm. We had two key points. Fegyverneky found the right way for the team, and Stankovic made a very good defense under the basket. They played really well, but the whole team made this important victory, which was the 100. in the EuroLeague history of the club."

BK Imos Brno head coach Milan Veverka
"Sopron had today more luck. Fegyverneky played excellent, and she gave a lot of power to her teammates. It was an important game for both teams. Today Sopron won, but we hope we can make an equal at home."

UE Sopron guard Zsófia Fegyverneky
"We couldnt show our right face in the first half. Maybe because the Euroleague is another level, and lot of our players has no experience in it. But in the second half our defense was well, which was the key for this victory."

BK IMOS Brno center Anna Jurcenkova
"We played the game very well, but after Sopron started to be on strongerdefense. From this we lost a lot of balls, and we couldnt stop Fegyverneky, who was brilliant tonight."


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