Quotes Nadezhda vs. UE Sopron


Nadezhda head coach George Dikeoulakos
"This was a win-or-die kind of game for us. I believe, most of our EuroLeague games will be like this. I would like to congratulate my players: first of all, for winning and secondly for managing to overcome the stress they were under. After such serious defeats any team would lose its faith. I'm happy they managed to overcome it and they put hard efforts every day to get into what I'm telling them and catch it very fast. With regard to today's game, the key factor today was good defense. We were good on offence as well and managed to get this important victory."

Nadezhda player Zoi Dimitrakou
"I am very happy we won today. Now we play in a different way. We have a new coach and the team started to play differently, it's obvious. We played good against Fenerbahce and the game of tonight shows how much better a team we can be."

Sopron head coach Igor Polenek
"First of all, my congratulations to Nadezhda - this was a wonderful game. I would like to point out we had positive points tonight: we made 17 offensive rebounds. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to put all these balls into the basket and we need to work on it more. We will try to achieve our goal to qualify for the play-offs and though our team is the youngest among our opponents we will keep fighting."

Sopron player Sofia Fegyverneky
"My congratulations to the opponent team - they played a really good game. They got a fantastic three-point shooting percentage of 72%, and this is an amazing result. Furthermore, they stopped us and we didn't score our easy and open shots and 49 points is, of course, a bad result for us."


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