Quotes Nadezhda vs Lattes Montpellier


Gunta Basko-Melnbarde, BLMA player
"We are happy we won. The first game is always very important, especially when it is an away game. We performed everything the coach said and are very happy we managed to win. Orenburg always has a crowded gym and, of course, it is rather hard to play when seeing such fan support to the opponent's team but it is a big pleasure at the same time."

Dewanna Bonner, Nadezhda player
"The game was very tough, credits to the opponent's team. They played good defence, blocked our attacks. And they scored a lot of three-point shots, which, of course, helped them a lot. We have things to work on and in the future we will try to please our fans."

Valéry Demory, BLMA Head coach
"We are very happy. It is a great success to start EuroLeague with winning an away game. I may say we played a good game, scored lot of three-point shots. Generally speaking, the game was very tough: both teams played good defence and therefore lot of easy shots were missed."

Algirdas Paulauskas, Nadezhda Head coach
"We played not good enough on defence, our shooting percentage is really low both in terms of two- and three-points shots. Besides, we had lots of turnovers - 19. All these factors, plus we had a difficult game in Kurska couple of days before and didn't manage to restore our strength, and all that affected the game result."


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