Quotes: Good Angels Kosice vs. Famila Basket Schio


Famila Basket Schio Player Raffaella Masciadri
"We played a very hard game for 39 minutes. During the last actions we lost our concentration, made a foul on the three-point shot and in overtime we could not find the energy, which we needed to stop Kosice´s team."

Good Angels Kosice Player Farhiya Abdi
"We fought very hard during the whole game, but we did not reach the win without great support from our bench. By my mind, the second three pointer by Miljana Bojovic was the moment, which started our big reversal. In overtime we believed in our abbilities and it was important for the win too."

Famila Basket Schio Head Coach Miguel Martinez Mendez
"Good Angels played with heart until the last second of the game and the home players were smart in the key situations of the match. I have to congratulate them on the win."

Good Angels Assistant Coach Peter Jankovič
"We did not have a good start to this game, but our finish was perfect. Three free throws by Jia Perkins only four seconds before the buzzer was the key moment of the game. These points gave us the power, which helped us win the match in overtime."


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