Quotes: Tango Bourges vs. UMMC Ekaterinburg


UMMC Ekaterinburg Head Coach Olaf Lange
"Bourges deserves to win this game, we missed a lot of things during this game. At the opposite end Bourges have been playing very physical with a lot of application. Even if I hate to lose, it could be a good thing to have this loss in order to understand what we need to improve."

UMMC Ekaterinburg Player Sandrine Gruda
"It was a very difficult game, very physical, bourges plaid fantastic and we still need to improve team play."

Tango Bourges Basket Head Coach Valerie Garnier
"It was a game with a very good fighting spirit but keeping in mind the pleasure to have this kind of game. I'm very satisfied by the intensity of my team and specially for the young players it was good to see them at this level. Yes it's a reference game but now we need to keep winning the following games for the ranking."

Tango Bourges Basket Player Celine Dumerc
"It was a really fantastic game from our team against the wonderful team of Ekaterimburg composed of a lot of wonderful players. I'm very happy about our intensity, it's always the same even if the result is not always so good. EuroLeague Women is like this, you have a lot of beautiful teams, but the game stays a game. That why we love basketball."


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