Quotes USO Mondeville vs. Perfumerias Avenida


Perfumerias Avenida head coach Alberto Miranda:
"USO Mondeville is a real team; the play very hard defense, as a team. It's a very agressive team. They built a very strong team and have luck in this competition. We didn't manage to develop our offensive game. We had a bad start and it was hard to come back."

USO Mondeville head coach Herve Coudray:
"We have a team with a defensive asset, we managed to stop the opponents, we followed the strategy we had planned. The team is developing its game, they know how to play together."

USO Mondeville player Ingrid Tanqueray:
"Two games, two wins; it's a good start. We have to win at home, it's good for our confidence.
Salamanca is a good team but they have a lot of new players. Amanda [Lassiter] played well; scored points, had steals, rebounds. She is feeling well so she is playing good basketball."

Perfumerias Avenida guard Marta Fernandez
"I agree with the coach that Mondeville won due to their impressive defense. On our part, it would have been hard to stick on the score." 


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