Quotes ZVVZ USK Prague vs. Novi Zagreb


Novi Zagreb head coach Vladimir Ivankovic:
"Congratulations. We played well considering our problems with injuries. It is a pity that we did not go for overtime. But we are a small team; we play for the first time in the EuroLeague Women, so we are satisfied with the play, not the result."

Novi Zagreb player Ana Cacic:
"It was a tough and thrilling game. We had problems with fouls. Besides that we played well and we are sorry that the final was not happier for us. Probably the reason is that we did not score so well in the end."

Prague head coach Natalia Hejkova:
"I am sorry that we started to play normally only when the score was minus eight. Actually we only needed five minutes to win the game. With such a concentration we should have played the whole game. Our defense has been bad for a longer time, [Anael] Lardy is the exception, she proved that today; she defended [Sandra] Mandir very well. But we are happy that we won."

Prague player Katerina Elhotova:
"We are happy that we won, but the difference should be bigger. We should have played better in defense; we had problems with their screens. They had excellent long distance shots. It was more about offense than defense today."


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