Quotes Uni Györ vs. Rivas Ecopolis


Rivas head coach Miguel Martinez:
"Congratulations to Győr for their victory, they played a wonderful match with a big heart. Our major problem was that we made a lot of mistakes in defence."

Rivas player Katalin Honti:
"We were running after the result from the first moment. We were looking for tactical solutions; nearly nothing worked. In general, our defence was good but the match did not work out for us now. Some players were missing but that is also true for Györ, so it is a poor excuse."

Györ head coach Akos Fuzy:
"Our club is in its golden days, and this advance is a real achievement for our team. A number of our players were excelling, and if anything had hindered the girls those cuffs have fallen off, and such players contributed a lot, who had less often excelled in the season before."

Györ player Zsofia Simon:
"This victory was an emotional breakout. We played in a similar structure to that of last year, and it fits us better, and I really enjoyed my new role."


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