Quotes Wisla Can-Pack vs BK IMOS Brno


Milan Veverka, Brno assistant coach:

"We are very dissapoineted. We played a very good previous game and we lost with such a big difference. Our team was too nervous and Wisla played very good defence. Our players were not well focused. Congatulations to Wisla."

Veronika Vlkova, Brno:

"We were nervous, did not have good shot selection while the home team played good defence. We must work to improve our game. Congrats for Wisla."

Jose Hernandez, Wisla Can-Pack coach:

"I am very happy. We were under very big pressure. We had to win to have the chance for a good position in the play-offs. We played good defence and I am happy for that. Thanks to our fans who helped us a lot - thanks not only for today but also being with us in Gyor before Christmas."

Tina Charles, Wisla Can-Pack: 

"All the Team contributed to this victory. We played hard defence and it was looking much better that in the Polish League game 3 days ago. Sure there are some things we need to improve and we will work on those."


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