Quotes Uni Seat Györ vs. UMMC Ekaterinburg


Ekaterinburg head coach Algirdas Paulauskas
"Today felt that this game wasn't high stakes. The young team of Győr played very well in the first half. The second half felt like a greater international expirience. I wish good luck for the young Hungarian team for the future.

Ekaterinburg center Yelena Leuchanka
"We worked very strong in last time, and we played a very imported and very hard EuroLeague game last week. Im happy, because today we are very storng as a team."

Györ head coach Akos Füzy
"We tried to prepare against Ekaterinburg, which for the first half was good. The second half we got tired. I'm very proud for our team, because in our first EuroLeague season we finished in sixth place. Congratulations and and good luck for Ekaterinburg to contiune."

Györ player Nagy-Bujdosó Nóra
"I'm proud of our team, we fought well in the first half. The EuroLeague season was very good for us, because we are better like in autumn."


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