Quotes: Nadezhda Orenburg vs. BK IMOS Brno


BK IMOS Brno Player Anna Jurcenkova
"This was a very hard game for us. Nadezhda have been very lucky and good in the last several games. We made a lot of mistakes today with alot of turnovers and Nadezhda was much better in rebounds, fast breaks. They made their easy shots, it was hard to play with this team."

BK IMOS Brno Assistant Coach Milan Veverka
"My congratulations to Nadezhda. The game was not an easy one. We played normal in the first and third quarters. I must confess, Nadezhda is quite a different team from what we saw before and it played today a different game compared to our first game in the Czech Republic. Today it is a totally different team with a stronger game."

BC Nadezhda Player Natalia Zhedik
"The game was not easy. We did not play today as good as we wanted to. We made many mistakes and we didn't manage to perform some things we planned. Luckily we won the game and this is the most important thing."

BC Nadezhda Head Coach George Dikeoulakos
"The last several games we won with a 20-point difference. Everyone is happy except me because when you have these kind of games players may get relaxed and this is very dangerous. Today sometimes we played amazing and sometimes relaxed and could not follow the game. Still, of course, I'm very happy we won but my task is not to relax for the rest of the games."


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