Quotes WBC Novi Zagreb vs. Sparta&K MR Vidnoje


NIka Barić, Sparta&K MR Vidnoje:

"We knew that Zagreb plays great deffence, and we had prepared for it but we did not start well."

Alexander Vasin, Sparta&K MR Vidnoje coach:

"[That was a] very important game for us. Congratulations to our team and the team of Novi Zagreb. Zagreb is a team with character and they fight until the end. Our goal was to stop [Milica] Dabovic and [Luca] Ivankovic. Our goal is the play-offs."

Ivana Dojkic, WBC Novi Zagreb:

"We played a good game. We were down by 13 [points] but we fought back and tried to win."

Vladimir Ivankovic, WBC Novi Zagreb coach:

"Congratulations to my team , they played a good game. Unfortunately, we came very close, but we couldn't win. Sparta&K is a good team and they didn't make a mistake. I have to congratulate Ivana Dojkic for her game, as well as all the others."




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