Quotes Fenerbahce vs. Arras


Fenerbahce head coach Roberto Iniguez

"We did not start well at the begınnıng of the 1st quarter then we took control the game. We played like a team who brings it to win it. Our offensive of percentages were bad but we got 14 offensıve rebounds and 21 assists. It shows we are a team. We will now play five games in a row so we must not lose our concentration."

Fenerbahce player Ivana Matovic

"We are happy to win. We played as a team."

Arras Coach Marc Silvert

"Of course we wanted to win. If we won we had chance to qualify. I am upset about this. We played good but not good enough."

Arras player Sandra Dijon

"I am upset about losing the game. We were hustling but not enough."