Quotes: Perfumerias Avenida vs. ZVVZ USK Prague


USK Prague head coach Natalia Hejkova

"Every victory for us is very important because the team didn´t start the competition well, it has been a very difficult four games away in a row and now we have to win a lot of games. Obviously, Avenida is not the same team as I visited two years ago. They have a lot of new players, as does our team, and they need time, but it´s always very difficult to play here."

USK Prague player Rebekkah Brunson

"Every game counts, and this game is very important to be in the next round. We have to come out there and give everything we have , and that´s what we did tonight. This my first victory in Salamanca, so I am very happy."

Avenida head coach Alberto Miranda

"It hurts, we can´t say any more. We were very focused before the game, we knew the game plan, but nothing worked tonight. The key of the game was on the inside battle, our inside players worked very hard, but Brunson and Vaughn are very strong players" 

Avenida player Isabel Sánchez

"Today we have to be angry. It´s a pity, because we were getting better in the past weeks. We were working very hard, and, obviously it´s a hard day. Now we have to advance, we never give up and we are used to doing epic feats in tournaments, and that's what we have to do now"


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