Quotes Krka Novo Mesto vs. Cholet Basket


Krka Head Coach Aleksandar Dzikic
"I want to congratulate my players. They did a good job; they implemented almost everything that we agreed on before game. We‘ve played quite well in the last few weeks and this result showed that. That was a good win for the beginning of the second round and now we just have to continue like this."

Krka Player Jasmin Hukic
"The final score doesn't show that the game was still tough. Cholet has good athletic players and we had to work hard for all 40 minutes. That win is a great encouragement for us and I hope that we can play like this in next games, too."

Cholet Head Coach Laurent Buffard
"Krka played really well. We started well in the first three, four minutes and after that we just gave up. We stopped the pressure, we lost too many balls. Krka used that and they scored too many points from fast breaks. Now we have to concentrate on our league game against Limoges and after that we are awaiting Reggio Emilia. We must win against them if we want to compete for the next round. If we lose it will be a mission impossible."

Cholet Player Steeve Ho You Fat
"It was a tough game. Krka played very well and we were not able to put them under pressure. Now we have to try to win the next game and stay in the competition for the next round."


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