Quotes: BC Mures vs. Szolnoki Olaj


Szolnoki Olaj Player Simon Balázs
"We are very glad that we won the game. It was very important for us to win on the road. Mures played well in the first half but we found a good rhythm, sank the shots and they got tired. I hope we can go on playing well from now on.”
BC Mures Player Teodor Jucan
"Today they were better than us. We missed Martinic and we are still missing Ciric. We played well for 30 minutes but it was not enough, the bench still has to contribute more.”
Szolnoki Olaj KK Head Coach Nedeljko Asceric
"I am very satisfied with this victory. I was very angry with my players for playing without heart, you cannot play the way we played in the second quarter. During half time we talked about it and fortunately we found the players who won us the game.”
BC Mures Head Coach Srecko Sekulovic
"It was a hard game against an internationally experienced team. We also made some big mistakes leaving their shooters open. If we wish to win we have to play for 40 minutes. The absence of Martinic, the MVP of the first round, was a big problem for us, but tonight the better team won.”


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