Quotes: Tsmoki-Minsk vs. BC Mures


BC Mures Head Coach Srecko Seculovic:
"We're happy to steal the win. We knew that that days ago Tsmoki played a very good game against CSKA and lost by only four points. So maybe they underestimated us a bit. But we are a very good team and even though we lacked one of our best players because of injury, we managed to win by two points.

Mures Player Vaidotas Peciukas:
"At the very beginning, we were a bit pressed by the size of the arena and the number of people in the stands. But quarter after quarter we got back in the rhythm and found the right ways to the basket."

Tsmoki-Minsk Head Coach Donaldas Kayris:
"We're very disappointed with the result. We gave our best and fought hard. Got the advantage on the boards and controlled tempo. But we made 21 turnovers that Mures turned into 25 points. So it's impossible to get the win with such a percentage of mistakes."

Tsmoki-Minsk Player Demonte Harper:
"It can not be described in words how much this loss hurts. We played a very good game against CSKA and hoped to continue the run. Unfortunately, we made a lot of mistakes and committed turnovers. Mures punished us for that."


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