Quotes: Bakken Bears vs. Cholet Basket


Bakken Bears Head Coach Ville Tuominen
"Their defence was amazing. I can without a doubt say, that I have never experienced something like that before. But I'm still very disappointed. I know we are not better on paper, but we had a chance for the win tonight, but made way too many turnovers throughout the game."

Bakken Bears Player Nicolai Iversen
"We can take a lot with us into the next game. We played hard and strong, but we needed to make a lot fewer mistakes. The atmosphere in the arena was fantastic and I hope we gave the fans a good show."

Cholet Basket Player Claude Marquis
"It was a very important game for us. I think the game changer was our defence. It was very difficult today, and we were in trouble tonight against Bakken, but we kept believing in ourselves."

Cholet Basket Head Coach Jean-Manuel Sousa
"We had big troubles executing in the offence. We knew Bakken was a very strong team, and we made some mistakes in the third quarter which opened up the game. Luckily for us we got back on track in the final minutes, and that made the difference. This was a very important win."


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