Quotes: Bakken Bears vs. Kataja Basket


Kataja Basket Player Petri Virtanen
"We weren't ready at the beginning of the game, and that made us trail right from the start. We have to put in a greater effort in the next games if we want a successful campaign in the EuroChallenge."

Kataja Basket Head Coach Jukka Toijala
"We were lucky not to be trailing by more at half time than we were. Bakken Bears were all over us, and we struggled a lot in the beginning of the game - there was always a player in our face, when we had the ball."

Bakken Bears Player Kenneth Barker
"It was an intense game. When we played in Holland last week, we were surprised by how fast and strong the Dutchmen came out to the game and we wanted to change that today. We started out strong and got a great payoff right from the beginning."

Bakken Bears Head Coach Ville Tuominen
"As it has been the case in most of our games this season, we started the game with a high pressure. The guys showed great confidence and I think that it played a major role in our victory today. We believed in the game plan and in the shots we took."


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