Quotes ZZ Leiden vs. Bakken Bears Aarhus


Bakken Bears shooting guard Andreas Jakobsen
"In the first three quarters we were really struggling. We were trying to hang in the game. In the beginning we were nervous, but when we started to hit some shots, our confidence grew. We have faith in our system and coach pushes us a lot to do good things on the floor."

Bakken Bears coach Ville Tuominen
"We knew Leiden is a great defensive team. That's a given. In the beginning we were kind of passive, maybe nervous. In Denmark we know all the teams, so that is easy. In the second half we put two guys at their point guard, so we took Leiden out of their rhythm, Then we started to get confident., When you try things and believe in yourself, great things can happen. Winning on the road is big."

ZZ Leiden forward Worthy de Jong
"We started the game good. Only at the end of the second quarter we gave up some points. In the second half we had also a good start. Then they played a press defense and we did not know what to do. We did not score for a long time and they came back."

ZZ Leiden coach Toon van Helfteren
"When you give up 21 offensive rebounds, you should be happy to loose by only one point. If we would have had only a few defensive rebounds more, we would have won this game. Winning at home is very important, so it will be difficult from now on."


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