Quotes: Kataja Basket vs. Cholet Basket


Kataja Basket Head Coach Jukka Toijala
"This was a great victory for the club and for Finnish basketball. I think we played pretty well during the first half, but after that we struggled a bit. Maybe we ran out of ball movement."

Kataja Basket Player Mike Morrison
"We knew that we´re competing against a very talented team. I´m very happy for the victory. I´ve been struggling in the last few games and I just tried to be more aggressive." 

Cholet Basket Head Coach Jean-Manuel Sousa
"The game didn´t start as planned. And it´s very diccifult to play when you´re down by 20 points."

Cholet Basket Player Claude Marquis
"We had a kind of slow start to this game. Kataja Basket played very well during the first half and we were not ready to compete against them. After halftime we found the right direction."




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