Quotes: Ural Ekaterinburg vs. Tofas SC Bursa


Ural Ekaterinburg Head Coach Oleg Okulov
"The game was very interesting for spectators, and useful for our team. Tofas is a strong and experienced team, we were preparing for the game and we fulfilled almost everything we planned. It was more difficult for our opponents because on 10 November they were playing at home, while our previous game was played on 8 November. The Turkish team didn't expect such opposition. At the end of the game they reduced difference from 14 to 4 points. All the games they in their country are equally tough, so they are able to resist."

Ural Ekaterinburg Player Oleg Baranov
"Our players were ready for the game and wanted to rehabilitate after our failure in Slovenia. We followed our coach's instructions, and played as a team."

Tofas SC Bursa Player Chinemelu Elonu
"In our one-on-one defence with Aaron Mc Ghee we were at a similar level, my teammates were giving good passes too, that's why I scored 23 points."

Tofas SC Bursa Head Coach of Ahmet Caki
"First of all I want to congratulate Ural on their win. We were ready for a struggle when coming here. We didn't succeed on both offence and defence. It is always complicated to play on the road. In the third quarter we allowed Ural to lead, and they made a 14-point difference, which was hard to reduce. We did our best in the last ten [minutes], but lost by four points. Ural have very passionate fans, the atmosphere is great."


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