Quotes Team TEHO Sport Kotka vs. Okapi Aalstar


Okapi Aalstar player Ioana Tofi
"We knew what to expect. We played against a great team today. I have to thank our assistant coach who told me to use my big body. My job was to go inside and if I can't make it by myself then pass the ball out."

Okapi Aalstar head coach Brad Dean
"This is a very difficult place to play. The home team is very solid and they got a lot of good players. They got into foul trouble, especially their big guys. Our energy level was high and we had great confidence. The situation is wide open in this group."

Team Teho Sport Kotka player Sefton Barrett
"We executed well in the first two quarters but then we made some key mistakes in the third quarter. We won the rebounds but we couldn't take the benefits out of it."

Team Teho Sport Kotka head coach Sami Toiviainen
"Our first goal was to stop their point guard Derek Raivio and we were able to do it well. We won the rebounds, we took 17 offensive rebounds for the first time this season. In the second half there were a few moments when we missed our point guard Sharaud Curry but it wasn't the reason for this loss."


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