Quotes: Gasterra Flames vs. Team TEHO Sport Kotka


GasTerra Flames Head Coach Ivica Skelin
"In the last quarter we forgot to play basketball, forgot our team concept and started panicking. You cannot win if you don't play for four quarters. This game can work out very good for us if we learn our lesson."

Team TEHO Sport Head Coach Sami Toivianen
"I don't actually know why we won. They stopped their defence in the final quarter and we made two big three point shots in a row. The home team defence was so good for three quarters that we had to take a lot of three point shots."

GasTerra Flames player Craig Osaikhwuwuomwan
"We played good for three quarters. We played very strong defence, we thought we were there already and lost control."

Team TEHO Sport player Ryan Ayers
"This was a game between really good teams. We were trying to match up to their intensity. In the last quarter we picked up our energy level and we got momentum."


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