Quotes Triumph Lyubertsy vs. Körmend


BC Triumph Head Coach Vasily Karasev
"In the 2nd quarter we started playing good defense, working hard in defense, and that was the key moment. We've got the result. Now it's the problem for us - we don't play good defense from the very beginning, but we'll learn from it and we'll improve our game. "

BC Triumph forward Kyle Landry
"We had a very bad start today , but we worked hard and we made it. I'm still working on progress, my hand still hurts, I played with the pain, and I had to help my team today. I hope to play better and better with every game - that's the plan."

BC Kormend Head Coach Tamas Hencsey
"First of all I want to say congratulations to Triumph. We started the game well, on offense and on defense, but in the second and especially in the third quarter our offense was bad and our defense was weak. And there is a huge difference between the rebounds, and it's also very important.  think that Triumph is the strongest team in our group."

BC Kormend guard Jeremy Fears
"We started pretty well, we were leading, the first quarter was really very good, but then Triumph made a come-back. The opponents played well, inside, we exprected such a game. But I think that we can play better."


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