Quotes: BC Kyiv vs. Gaz Metan Medias


Gaz Metan Medias Head Coach Marcel Dan Tenter
"Kyiv is good team of young and bright players displaying fast basketball. Our team showed good defence today and we managed to control offence as well. We prepared for that game, did scouting and tried to concentrate on the main players of the team like the young and very efficient [Vyacheslav] Bobrov, and also [Dominique] Coleman. We did not manage Artem Shvets today who is great shooter of Kyiv."

Gaz Metan Medias player Kyle Shiloh
"We played a good game today especially in defence - it was perhaps the best game in defence we played this season."

BC Kyiv Head Coach Vitaliy Cherniy
"I am not satisfied with the quality of the game we played today. I told my players that Medias is a very experienced team and they will not forgive us for our mistakes. Some of our players did not show the game I expect from them and we are going to work on that of course to clarify why. In the last period we played with a Ukrainian roster and my players showed that they can keep fighting till the very end and that means a lot."

BC Kyiv Player Vladyslav Podolyan
"We missed something today, something important to win..."


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