Quotes: Sodertalje Kings vs. BK Ventspils


BK Ventspils Player Janis Timma
"Two things decided the game today. One was that our opponents made the important shots in the last quarter, in which they scored 27 points. The second thing was our poor free throw shooting, only 7-from-15 while the made all of their 14."

BK Ventspils Head Coach Robert Stehlmahers
"We wanted to win this game, but our bad free throw shooting and that we missed so many three pointers; 29% and one player actually on 0/7, hurt us badly. The Kings really used their strengths today, with a lot of penetration and kick-outs for three pointers."

Södertälje Kings Player Tobias Borg
"It was a tough and even game. The lead changed many times, but we got off to a good start and managed to pull it off in the end. We did a good job in rebounding, which has been very weak for us in the EuroChallenge games."

Södertälje Kings Head Coach Vedran Bosnic
"It was one of the biggest wins for our team during my time in the club. We knew that we could play with them, but to beat Ventspils, a great club with traditions, and give us the chance to advance in the tournament, was huge. An important factor was Tobias Borgs' performance. We knew that Ventspils would focus on Bizaca and Roberson, but Borg kept us in the game with his scoring, especially in the first half."