Quotes Royal Hali Gaziantep vs. Atomerömü SE Paks


Atomerömü Head Coach Branislav Dzunic:
"First of all I think the home team won because they played better than us. Our team played also with a good energy. Before the game we talked in the locker room that we would run, fight and rebound, but basketball is not only about this. Our effort was not enough to win this game."

Atomerömü Player Deonta Vaughn:
"They came with their game plan and stuck to it. We put up a great fight; we now know where we are as a team and where we need to go as a team."

Gaziantep Head Coach Aziz Bekir:
"Today's game was kind of a mental war with ourselves, as we recently lost a couple of games in the Turkish league. This win was good for us. We didn't play really good, but we played a good defence and fought as a team to get this win."

Gaziantep Head Captain Erden Eryuz:
"It was a tough game for us in the beginning. We didn't have enough time to prepare this game because of our busy schedule, so it was a great win for us. In the first half we gave them lots of easy shots, but in the second half we put more hustle in and won the game."