Quotes: Atomeromu SE Paks vs. CSM Oradea


Atomeromu SE Head Coach Branislav Dzunic
"It was a hard game for both teams. I think we were in a good situation at the last quarter but we made some mistakes and the opponent could came back. So we needed some luck at the end of the game."
CSM Oradea Head Coach Christian Achim
"It was a very tough game. It was the first game for us in the EuroChallenge but it was good enough. Congratulations to the home team."

Atomeromu SE Player Adam Toth
"There was a big fight and there were also a lot of mistakes. We were very bad at rebounding. I think we could win this game by more than 10 points. But the most important thing is that we won the game."
CSM Oradea Player William Franklin
"It was the first game for us. We knew Atomeromu SE is a good team. It was a great match and I hope we can win the next game."



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