Quotes: SPM Shoeters Den Bosch vs. Rakvere Tarvas


Rakvere Tarvas Head Coach Andres Sober:
"I think we played very good. We've got a new team, and we get much better every game. The game got better every quarter. At first, the first ten minutes, we were stronger. But overall the Shoeters were much better, they were ahead of us by five points all the time. So the Shoeters were the strongest team tonight."

Rakvere Tarvas Player Gregory Jenkins:
"Shoeters had an answer to everything tonight. They were very good. Now we know what to expect when they come to Estonia. Next time we have to make sure we have a better strategy. We've got to learn from it. I had three fouls in the first quarter already, that hurts. I have to learn not to get influenced by that."

SPM Shoeters Head Coach Sam Jones:
"I'm very pleased. We played aggressive and were the deciding team, offensive and defensive. In the first half the turnovers were a big issue. That went much better in the second half. I think that was critical for the game, it got better every quarter. In the fourth quarter we had zero turnovers. I'm proud of the team and the effort. I hope we can continue building on this. We're going to focus on Saturday first. After that we can talk about the next Europe game."

SPM Shoeters Player Tai Wesley:
"It was a very good game, you can always do things better of course but I'm happy. The EuroChallenge is one of the reasons to come back to Den Bosch. And the situation here is the best for me. The people are great, and I just feel very happy being here."


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