Quotes: Dijon Basket vs. PO Antwerp Giants


JDA Dijon Basket Head Coach Jean-Louis Borg:
"It's important to see where are the reasons for this failure. We could win tonight but the defeat shows work remains.

"We were absent in the second half versus Antwerp who is a great team with a good roster."

JDA Dijon Basket Player Anthony Dobbins:
"The game was almost lost at the end of the third quarter. We made too many turnovers and without rebounds like tonight, it's difficult to win.

"We have to get back to work for the next championship game at Chalon."


Port Of Antwerp Giants Head Coach Paul Vervaeck:
"We're happy for this great win tonight. I appreciated the defensive pressure. The team put up the expected intensity.

"The preparation with the video was a good thing to understand the important points to work before the game."


Port Of Antwerp Giants Player Roel Moors:
"Respect for the adversary and competition. We had control of the tempo of the game.

"We were so confident about our defence although our shooting needs to be addressed." 


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