Quotes Inkognito Fashion Körmend BC vs. BC Kyiv


BC Kyiv Head Coach Vitaliy Cherniy:
"It wasn't an easy game. We made a good game until the fourth quarter. Then we left some easy shots to Körmend and they came back in the game. We did not play as aggressive on defence as the situation needed. Congratulations to Körmend."

BC Kyiv Player Vyacheslav Bobrov:
"Körmend is a good team; it was a tough game. In the first half we showed good team work. That changed in the third quarter, we did not play good defence and did not rebound well. Körmend took advantage of every mistake we made."

Körmend Head Coach Tamas Hencsey:
"Congratulations to my team and the fans. We started the game bad, but the last two quarters our play improved. We made some good shots and after that our defence started to work as well."

Körmend Player Csaba Ferencz:
"We started the game very sleepy; we could not make the closest shots and in defence we did not help each other. Kyiv controlled the game, but in the third quarter we woke up and made some easy shots which gave us some extra power."


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