Quotes BC Kyiv vs. BC Triumph Lyubertsy Moscow Region


BC Kyiv Head Coach Vitaliy Cherniy
"We did not have any easy games in the EuroChallenge this season. I am very happy that my players managed this game and if it worked today that means that we are going in the right direction."

BC Kyiv Player Maksym Sandul
"We really need this victory to get self-confidence for our future games."

Triumph Assistant Coach Alexey Vasiliev
"This game probably was not important regarding the standings, neither for us nor for Kyiv. In order to keep first position we need to beat the Romanian team [Gaz Metan Medias]. Today we gave our young players the possibility to show themselves, to prove that they deserve to be Triumph players. They also need some extra playing time and they got it in this game. So we got some experience today and gave our leaders the chance to rest for future games."

Triumph Player Artem Kuzyakin
"Congratulations to our opponents. We tried to play all our players tonight, though we did not play well today. Kyiv was lucky, especially at the end of the game."


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