Jared Jordan

Telekom Baskets
Born : 14.10.1984
Place of birth: CT (USA)

Height: 1.88
Games: 12
Position: PG

Avg 8.8

1. Jordan, J. Telekom Baskets121052.78.8
2. Holston, D. Artland Dragons15912.26.1
3. Tchicamboud, S. Elan Chalon18912.65.1
4. Slagter, A. ZZ Leiden12582.14.8
5. Schilb, B. Elan Chalon18852.24.7
6. Trotter, O. Szolnoki Olaj19861.54.5
7. Brown, R. EWE Baskets12512.04.3
8. Mc Kee, T. Triumph Lyubertsy17701.64.1
9. Delaney, M. Elan Chalon18721.74.0
10. Chatman, M. Pinar Karsiyaka14561.24.0
11. Diabate, S. Roanne Basket12482.34.0
12. Abernethy, T. BK Ventspils13481.83.7
13. Steinbach, J. Okapi Aalstar12441.73.7
14. Copeland, C. Okapi Aalstar11401.23.6
15. Colom, J. Mad-Croc Fuenlabrada15531.63.5
16. Roll, M. Antwerp Giants12421.83.5
17. Kotas, L. BK Pardubice10332.53.3
18. Black, T. Antwerp Giants12382.13.2
19. Mills, J. Szolnoki Olaj17532.83.1
20. Jefferson, J. Triumph Lyubertsy17521.13.1
Qualification criteria:
  • Players appearing amongst the statistical leaders must have played in at least 50% of the total number of games that could be played by one team.