Half-Court Press: Elisa Penna

19 August 2013
12. Elisa Penna (Italy)
Elisa Penna has been busy this summer, also playing at U20 level for Italy

With an excellent three wins from their first four games at the U18 European Championship Women, it has been a productive tournament so far for Italy who could soon seal a quarter-final place.

Ahead of trying to achieve that aim courtesy of landing another second round success, caught up with Elisa Penna, one of the best offensive rebounders in the competition, to find out a little bit more about her.

What is your first basketball memory?
When I went to watch both of my brothers play basketball.

Why did you want to become a basketball player?
Because it was my a dream when I was child.

Which part of training/practice do you like the most/the least?
I like it when we play 5-on-5, but I never like having to do any stretching.

If you were at the Olympics but not as a basketball player, which other sport do you think it would be fun to win a gold medal in and why?
Swimming is very a tough sport, but also very rewarding.

Your dream holiday would be where and doing what?
Being wherever by the sea and relaxing.

12. Elisa Penna (Italy), 14. Elisa Ercoli (Italy)
Elisa Penna (left) claims Elisa Ercoli (right) is the craiziest of her teammates - perhaps this offers a small insight to that

If you could only listen to one song again for the rest of your life what would it be?
‘Non Importa' by Fabrizio Moro.

Who would you love to be stuck in a lift with?
Marco Mordente, the Italian Basketball Player.

Who would you hate to be stuck in a lift with?
I don't hate anybody!

Who would get to choose the music on the team bus and what type of music would it be?
I would get Sara Crudo to those it and it would be rap and R&B.

Who is the most sensible of your team-mates and who is the craziest?
Annalisa Vitari is most sensible and Elisa Ercoli is the craziest!

What is the best basketball game you have played in and why?
It is yet to come!

What are the most important things for a basketball player to have?
Character, heart and [a smart] head.

There are only two seconds on the shot clock, do you pass or shoot?
Shoooooooooot it!


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