Nicola Sweeps To Shootout Victory


BC Kyiv and Argentina forward Marcelo Nicola brushed the competition aside at the three-point shootout during the FIBA Europe League All Star Day in Nicosia, Cyprus.

The 207 cm Nicola actually arrived late in Cyprus and was not able to practice for the contest.

Nonetheless, he scored 21 points in the opening round, enough to take him through to the final against Damir Mrsic who also tallied 21.

Mrsic looked impressive in the first round, and although he missed 4 of his first 5 shots, rallied to score 20 of a possible 24 points from the last 4 racks.

Nicola shot first in the final and put on a fine display. He nailed all 10 of his last shots to finish with an impressive total of 24 points.

The pressure was on Mrsic to make a good start, but he never got into a rhythmn and finished with just 12 points.

First Round Scores

Player Score
Marcelo Nicola 21
Damir Mrsic 21
Nikolas Papadopoulos 15
Panagiotis Serdaris 15
Khalid El-Amin 14
Shammond Williams 10


Marcelo Nicola 24
Damir Mrsic 12

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