Belgium Tick Win Column Against Belarus

13 August 2014

13. Maxime De Zeeuw (Belgium)
Maxime De Zeeuw contributed 13 points and seven rebounds

Belgium were excellent on defence during long stretches of their Wednesday game at home against Belarus and picked up a 71-57 win to open their account in EuroBasket 2015 2nd Qualifying Round Group D.

The Belgians were not very careful with the ball and committed only four turnovers less than their guests, but were much more effective in punishing Belarus for every mistake, eventually scoring 23 points from turnovers.

Belarus were quite successful in keeping close to the score and awaiting their chance until midway through the third frame, when Belgium decided they needed some breathing space.

Kevin Tumba scored his first basket in the game with 5:44 remaining to the third buzzer and ignited an 11-0 run for the hosts, which Loic Schwartz capped off from the foul line with 3:10 remaining in the period.

By the time this stretch, which lasted less than three minutes, was over, Belgium had acquired a 49-34 lead and effectively sealed the win, as Belarus never reduced the deficit to single-digit levels again.

Pierre-Antoine Gillet paved the way for the hosts with 15 points and seven rebounds and Maxime De Zeeuw, who also had seven boards, added 13 points while, for Belarus, Aliaksandr Kudrautsau finished with 15 points and eight rebounds in a losing effort.


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