24 Seconds With Erazem Lorbek

17 March 2008

Erazem Lorbek has been playing great basketball since last summer's EuroBasket, helping keeping Lottomatica Roma among the elite teams in Italy.

The Indiana Pacers, who own the 2.09m center's draft rights, may have to end up finding a place on their roster for Lorbek next season.

So what about Lorbek off the court? For one thing, he can play the piano. Eat your heart out, George Gershwin.

So yes, Lorbek likes music.

But if there's one thing you'll never see Lorbek do before a game at this summer's FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament or in Lega A, it's wear headphones.

That's what FIBA Europe discovered in "24 Seconds With Erazem Lorbek".

FIBA Europe: What's the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning, Erazem?

Erazem Lorbek: Breakfast, or maybe breakfast and to go and see my baby in the other room.

FIBA Europe: What is your ideal car?

Erazem Lorbek: I don't care, but probably a Mercedes because it's the best car.

FIBA Europe: Is it true you play the piano?

Erazem Lorbek: Yes I can, but not as good as my brother, Domen. He's very good.

FIBA Europe: Where did the interest in piano come from?

Erazem Lorbek: Our father, he played.

FIBA Europe:  So if you have a big concert coming up, or a big game, what is the best thing to eat? What is your favourite food?

Erazem Lorbek: Beef soup, my mother's cooking. We don't get anywhere a better soup than what we get in Slovenia. And I love chocolate, too. But I eat everything.

FIBA Europe: Okay, back to music. What is your favourite type of music to listen to before a game?

Erazem Lorbek: I never listen to music before a game. I don't take my IPod to the games.

FIBA Europe: What about music in general?

Erazem Lorbek: I guess I like all kinds of music.

FIBA Europe: What about your favourite movie of all time?

Erazem Lorbek: Hmm. I don't know. Maybe The Godfather.


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