Turkey 75 Croatia 72

07 September 2003

An exciting and close game until the very last seconds ended with Turkish victory. But it is what happened after the buzzer that will be remembered from this game. Spectators started to throw things onto the court and players started to fight with each other. Thanks to good security the turbulence ended quickly.  
Turkey and Croatia were already qualified for the elimination round before the game started. But the teams weren't satisfied. The game started in a high tempo and with many fouls. It only took four minutes for the Croats to get their fifth foul and the Turks were not far behind.

It was an even first quarter. Hidayet Türkoglu scored 8 points for Turkey and Nikola Prkácin 7 points for Croatia. The result after the first quarter was 21 to 18 for the Croats.

There was a lot of prestige in the game and both teams was very eager to win. Almost every referee call was met with a lot of protests. Croatia stayed a few points ahead in the second quarter. The score at the intermission was 38-35 for Croatia.

If Croatia was the better team in the first half of the game it was Turkey who came out strongest in the second half. Even if Croatia started with two 3-pointers they couldn't stop Turkey from taking the lead, much thanks to Ibrahim Kutluay who made three 3-pointers in the quarter and had a total score of 21 points so far.

When the last quarter started Turkey had a 6 point lead. For a long time Croatia tried to close the gap but were unlucky in their shooting. Turkey increased their lead to 10 points with six minutes to go. Then the Croatian shooters started to hit their targets. With 27 seconds left of the game Croatia were trailing only one point and with 4 seconds left Croatia had a golden opportunity to even the score.

Croatia's Damir Mulaomerovic had two free throws and the score was 73-71 to Turkey. But he only made one of the throws and at the buzzer Ömer Onan was able to give Turkey another two points.     

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