Quotes Poland vs. Greece

25 June 2013

Poland Head Coach Jacek Winnicki:
"Congratulations to my girls. They were fighting really bravely. We were fighting till the very end, but we lost the first match with a big amount of points, so it was difficult to get a good score. I am happy with our victory, although we didn't qualify to the European Championship. In the second half the Greeks were more involved, we were ahead with eight points, but we weren't able to keep the lead.  We finished these qualifying matches on the second position, which is disappointing for us. Together with the representatives of the Polish Basketball Federation we will analyse the game and think over our future."

Poland Player Joanna Walich:
I would like to thank the girls for fighting till the end. We managed to win the game, but we missed only a few points to qualify. Unfortunately, the loss in Athens was too big, so it was very difficult in Cetniewo to catch it up."  

Greece Head Coach George Dikeoulakos:
"We knew that we had to catch the rhythm from the very beginning to win against Poland and we managed to do that. We knew that Poland would be better on offence, so getting a good score would be more difficult. They were playing with passion and confidence. Poland played very well in the second half of the second quarter. The 15-minute half-time break was a good thing for us, for we could reorganise our game, especially our defense. The coach bet on young, inexperienced players and he succeeded - he qualified to the Final Round."

Greece Player Artemis Spanou:
"We came here to win the game. We followed our direction. We worked very hard to win the game and finally the final result came. We qualified to EuroBasket Women 2015."


25.06.2013 - EUROBASKET WOMEN 2015

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