Quotes: Netherlands vs. Luxembourg

09 June 2013

Netherlands Head Coach Meindert Van Veen

"We are happy that we won the game. We were down because of the devastating loss against Greece yesterday. We expected much more of this tournament but I am happy with this win and the performance of today."

Luxembourg Head Coach Hermann Paar

"Congratulations to the Netherlands. We were tired today because of the good game and fight yesterday. We were not able to bring the same good performance during the first half. we are happy with the tournament and we can build up on these games and success we had during the last six weeks."

Luxembourg Player Nadia Mossong

"Congratulations to the Netherlands for their win today. We could not bring the same fight and performance today because we were still tired from the game versus Greece yesterday. We had good moments in this tournament and learned a lot."


09.06.2013 - EUROBASKET WOMEN 2015

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